Gary Neville advises Bury fans to take control of the club

Gary Neville has spoken of his shock at the demise of Bury, describing the team just as”rotten” to the inside after their expulsion from the Football League.
Neville has intimate links with the bar. He was born at town, his father was related to the club for several years and his mom works there as a secretary.
Now among those part owners of Salford City – that have climbed through non-League into League Two at the past five decades – Neville has advised Bury’s fans to take control and secure the future of the team, also reckons that although the scenario may seem catastrophic now, there may yet be light at the end of the tunnel.
“It is an absolute shocker, I’m speechless,” the Sky Sports pundit mentioned About The Gary Neville Podcast. “There’s nothing you or anyone can do.
“I clearly know a lot about it. My mother is still the secretary of the club, she is immersed in there and is still going in each and every day to attempt to sort out what’s happening, and now I am in a position whereby I am conflicted in the sense that I understand everything that’s going on.
“My father, who’s not with us , saved that club on numerous occasions over several years. He was the chairman of this SOS Shakers finance that held the rights into the ground and such things.
“But I feel the last three or four years what has basically happened is that there has been no one there to track what has happened to the club. There has been no one there to prevent bad direction.
“At the end it was simply impossible for anybody to get into the club not knowing what the liabilities were not knowing what they were signing around. This was an inevitability that I believed came for weeks and weeks that nobody would stop. When an apple is that you also and rotten don’t understand what is really inside , nobody is going to accept that liability.
“I understand the EFL have obtained criticism, the man who purchased the club for a pound has received criticism and the previous owners have received criticism, but that my overriding thinking is one of just finish shock about how it’s happened.”
But while Neville has confessed his shock in Bury death, the former Manchester United defender stays hopeful the club may grow.
“I’m a optimistic person by nature and I see that using the council help, in terms of retaining the earth, using a group of lovers that are hardened and resilient as they are, so I really do believe that Bury could be a more powerful club and grow back through the leagues and return in the EFL within five or six years.
“Bury may have some excellent fun on the way. We’ve been in non-League for five decades or its previous four. I come to Premier League soccer but I have also watched the Evo-Stik North, the Evo-Stik Premier League, the National League North and the National League at the past five seasons, just about any week or any week, also I have had the time of my life watching soccer.
“I really feel like I’ve gone back to my roots again, seeing fans have a drink on the side of the pitch and share games with each other. This camaraderie that’s there for Bury, their fans won’t be feeling that this ancient but that will come their way and they’ll truly think that way again in their club.
“They need to go and establish a new team and own their own club. There is this idea that somebody else will come in and put it up, however my honest advice is just to go for it and take action yourselves, get someone in who knows how to work through those leagues and basically just do it, because the fans are not still there.
“There are just two, three or even four thousand people who can passionately encourage that club also there are a whole lot of people inside it who can do the work to get them out of their darkness, and it has been a dark week. I believe there will be light at its end, although it has been a large battle in the past couple of months.
“Myself, my brother and my sister have been near it every single day because we are speaking to my mum and she’s still in there just expecting some miracle would occur, but it was never going ahead, which was the reality of it. Even the [owner ] kept going on the radio all of the time to lift expects but there wasn’t any hope, nobody would touch it. It was rotten inside and there’s nothing anyone could do on it.
“When we took over Salford five years ago we went to watch AFC Wimbledon, FC United, Morecambe, AFC Fylde, both Fleetwood and others. Teams who’ve been at the North West Counties leagues, there are loads of clubs like that who have completed this trip up throughout the leagues. Stockport and Wrexham are big clubs that are back at the National League.
“Everyone will open up their doors and provide the information as they did . Every single club we went to see gave every bit of information which they could to support us , and that will be to us.
“Finally they will develop into the Bury Football Club of the near future and one that is going to become into the Football League. And it’ll be a club everybody in town will be proud of again.”
Portsmouth are another club that travelled in the last ten years through turmoil, but survived going into government and now being relegated three days in four seasons to re-emerge as a club. This year Sky Sports’ Adam Bate spoke to Ashley Brown, who was chairman of the Portsmouth Supporters’ Trust.
“The fans went through 18 months or longer where they were not sure whether there was going to become a team for them to encourage later on,” said Brown. “The club was quite close to liquidation on a number of occasions. I think some people don’t realise how near. As someone deeply involved in the process who was talking to the administrator, I know that it had been just hours away from possibly disappearing.
“There were a few very low things and I recall one particular event where it was not for a number of fans who spent in our acquisition scheme, to stump up and underwrite some continuing costs for your administrator, then it would have been liquidated. This has been a particularly low point.
“We went to a high court battle with the prior owners to ensure that we can retain Fratton Park. We jumped together with various authorities merely to reach a location where we can successfully bid to rescue the club, the governing body and the secretary. Therefore there were lots of low points.
“However there were a substantial number of high points too, particularly when we finally won and the fans managed to save the club. With soccer fans is that until it is really bad, what happens it is difficult to get them combined behind an effect. However, with was through administrations previously, Portsmouth, and this one pulled, individuals got behind us.
“The public spirit has been tremendous and so many lovers played a part in making certain this wonderful club lived. It was a couple of people it was many men and women. And not just financially. It’s terrifying once you get into the bones of exactly what certain people were permitted to get away with and exactly that which occurred at Portsmouth. At the club, I suggest executives and owners by people.
“The first couple of years when the club has been owned by the fans it was very difficult on the field. The club had to completely rebuild which included all the side. It is a wonderful turnaround for the football club.
“It might have been only nine years ago that we were at the Premier League and also runners-up in the FA Cup final but the pain and the treatment of the club since it plummeted throughout the leagues in that nine years had been dreadful. When it was taken by the supporters over, it was the bones of the soccer club it was. However, now I am very optimistic about the future”

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